kacang merah (digital edition)

it’s here!! the digital edition of Red Beans is here!!

Screenshot 2016-06-01 17.44.28Screenshot 2016-06-01 17.44.53Screenshot 2016-06-01 17.44.15

i’m gonna keep this super brief as most of my feelings regarding it were mentioned in a previous post. and it was so great that i was able to sell the physical copy at cafkl!!

all my love to my artists, please support nie, vanilla, ollie and ili!!!!!! and thanks to danni and alex for reading over my drafts!!!!!!!

you can buy red beans on itch.io!!!!!


kacang merah

long time no see!! i just wanted to do a quick writeup about my new book, Red Beans! ^0^



i was actually going to do a new comic for CAFKL – to which i am attending and participating in for the first time this year! but i couldn’t… do it. ever since the new semester started, life’s been kicking me in the face with all of its strength. and i’m only in week three right now, so hopefully it’s all better from here. that being said, i was buckling under the con’s deadline and couldn’t produce what i wanted to do. i got really sick for a few days and my hands just wouldn’t draw anything cool.

in a moment of clarity (read: panic), i decided to turn to one of my other passions, that being writing! it did feel unconventional and a little daring to sell… well, an illustrated novel as opposed to a comic, at a comic-centric convention. but then again, i was becoming pretty much okay with the idea of taking risks. i mean, i started doing t-shirts last year. which i still wanna do, just some setbacks have definitely hindered me as of late.

that aside, i ended up churning out the book in about a day – but it was the rest of the process that was going at me. i managed to commission some of my amazing friends to do illustrations for the book! they worked under some incredible time constraints and for that, i am forever grateful. i had asked each of them to interpret my characters’ appearance however they see fit – only giving them basic text descriptions to work off.

writing… i’ve always thought writing was more my strength than drawing, to be honest. but i love drawing too! and i thought i should’ve capitalized on that more than anything for my convention stuff. but i’m happy to be breaking away from just that. i had it in my head that i’ll only sell things if i do popular anime prints at local comic cons – and despite that belief, my sales proved otherwise. but last year, when i started doing more original things – more of the things that i want and i like, everything picked up and i just… generally felt better about myself.

(my sales were better, too.)

so i mean like, always be aware of trends and what will generate profit but… generally when you love something so much, it tends to show. and people tend to notice the things you’re passionate about. sometimes they’ll notice it so much so, that they’ll give you their money for it. who knew, right?

this post will be amended upon Red Beans’ release at this weekend’s CAFKL! come find me at Quill City Mall!

to those who can’t make it, i’ll be selling the book again at Visual Arts Expo the following week. and then i’ll bring it with me to any subsequent cons.  after CAFKL, i’ll also be selling the book on my itch.io!

see you then!!