pearsonar 4: boogie until late


clocking in at just under 10 hours, i finished my first playthrough of Persona 4: Dancing All Night – and i’ve got some stuff to say about it!


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flame symbol destiny: borncorrect

just a quick little review thing since i just finished Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. i mostly spoke up about it on my twitter, but i’m just gonna go into a bit more detail here. things are really scrambled and all because it’s late and i’m about to go to bed, but this more of an information dump than anything.


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midnight special

saw midnight special with @isacchili and @vanillers !!!!!!!!!!! #ootd #motd

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went out to see Midnight Special with ili and vanilla today! it was okay! a little slow; the movie generally felt very melancholic for the most part. it also had a super indie feel, but apparently that’s because the director did mostly the indie circuit prior to this. that being said, it was enjoyable – but i kept thinking about this one nic cage movie that had a similar plot LMAO

the movie aside, i’m really pleased with how i look right now. ^0^ you can’t tell under all those layers of instagram filters, but my skin has been super iffy as of late. i had really clogged pores and everything was oily and not a good time; i think it also had to do with hormones since it was shark week recently for me. that being said, some manual extraction and gentle exfoliation later, my skin started clearing up! makeup doesn’t cake on me and my skin isn’t as oily anymore. ^0^ i’m really happy, because i couldn’t wear makeup for over a week. it sucked. but today it’s like!!!! yes good. very good.

flame symbol: wakeupening


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i initially said it was clocking in at 26 hours but whoops, i clocked in almost 30 hours on this game – fire emblem: awakening! as a 2013 game, i’m a little late to the party. hell, the latest fire emblem just came out recently. buuuut, i only got a 3ds recently so there’s that.

the gist of fire emblem: awakening is that you’re this amnesiac who gets found in a field by a bunch of shepherds who can fight shit and use magic sometimes. then there’s more people and more stuff, also you can get married and so can everyone else – then they can poop out children. i love it.

this post is hot off the heels of playing the game, so it’s really just a jumble of thoughts.

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raisin the roof + music gungun2

i had a great day out with my friend valentina yesterday where we went to some really cool places and also i had to practice driving wwwww

for lunch, we went to this cool place called Raisin’ the Roof – a healthy eatery in Plaza Damansara. we went specifically because val had a coupon (which really helped because tbh we blew some serious $$$ on the food, but it was worth it). everything’s vegetarian and some items are vegan; price-wise it’s alright, but if you’re like val and i who ordered quite a bit, it does add up. like i said, that coupon really came in handy.

the place’s atmosphere was pretty nice! it was quiet with music playing in the background; the staff were really nice to us and overall the food was sooooo good. like oh man. so good.


2016-03-12 13.53.00
beetroot and feta cheese toastie; served with salad and coleslaw. about rm20.

safe to say, we’re definitely going again. to those interested, there’s a pretty good write-up about the place on Eat Drink KL.


some driving practice later, we then decided to try going to the recently opened Aeon Shah Alam mall – turns out, it just opened the day before. that’s why it was full of people and i was in hell.

all that being said, the mall is really hip and happening and all that good stuff. there’s even an arcade! a molly fantasy, but a decent one in itself. it had two versions of taiko no tatsujin and something i had never seen before – a music gungun2. this is the only mall i’ve seen with that game and as it’s a rhythm game, of course i had to try it out.

so the music gungun series (by Taito, who now also makes the rhythmvaders/groove coaster arcade games, among other rhythm games) are games that combine light gun action with rhythm game beats. you’re basically shooting crap on-screen to the beat of a song — and we were in luck that we were playing the second game, which had anime music, a decent vocaloid selection and also the infamous bad apple. which was fun.

for further info on the series, i found a pretty good write-up here.

2016-03-12 16.52.352016-03-12 16.52.372016-03-12 16.52.382016-03-12 16.52.40

val and i did pretty good for our first time playing and it was a good time! definitely going to play this again. i’ll be hunting down the cabinet in other malls — hopefully, i don’t have to head all the way to shah alam to play this again LOL

after the fact, val dropped me back home and i ended up going back with my parents to watch London Has Fallen. i fell asleep through the first movie (Olympus Has Fallen) and this was basically explosions: the movie. i liked it a little despite myself, i guess.

and now to end this with a #motd and #ootd.

2016-03-12 16.41.02
i had to squint in this picture because it turns out one of my eyes is slightly swollen LMAO
2016-03-12 19.56.27
dress: The Editor’s Market; jacket: Unknown; bag: Fossil; socks: Cotton On; shoes: Monki



;______; i’m so upset, i recently got a new foam cleanser from tokyu hands during my recent singapore trip – but the cleanser is too harsh on my face. in fact, it makes particular spots on my face freak out.

i told mom i was super upset and all; so she gave me one of her unused cream cleansers. i used it earlier and it didn’t… it didn’t feel like it was going to burn my face off, at least. i’ll have to update on this in the near future.

2016-02-14 21.19.59
KEANACY Foaming Face Wash – the one that burned my face ;____;
2016-02-14 21.20.24
ACTIVA Cream Cleanser – let’s hope this works ;_____;