so it’s more of an open secret than anything – secret because i rarely spoke about this, but i was still pretty open about the fact that it’s a thing – that i used to do the singing-on-youtube thing as well!! i’ve been doing it since roughly 2009 (there used to be a cover of me singing ryo’s Melt and also the OHSHC opening on yt, it’s long gone now thank god), then i’ve been doing it on and off since then. not only that, but a few years into the game, i realized i really liked rapping to the vocaloid songs as well. and thus, my current idol persona was born.

for songwriting and singing – generally, my performer persona, i go under the name iDEA! it comes from the fact that an old friend of mine, when i asked her to describe me in one word she chose ‘idealistic.’ i just ran with it after the fact and it stuck ever since.

with the current, 2016 incarnation of iDEA, i’m hoping to be a lot more adventurous with my stuff and also, like… i’m not going to be super hung up on the fact i can’t sing very well. i know my strengths and also i’ve got autotune. the end. = 3=

i’m also part of several groups!! including an idol duo with a friend of mine, to which we will debut very soon. ^q^ so get hype for that.

ALL THAT BEING SAID here i covered Deco*27’s Ghost Rule; i also did the pv!! check it out!!!